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Water Distribution

Water Distribution Operations (WD-09e)

This session is designed to be an intensive, condensed, overview of potable water delivery through a typical distribution system from treated supply to residential and industrial user. For a distribution operator to be successful, it is necessary to understand both the fundamentals and advanced topics associated with the operation of a typical distribution system. This session is designed to review the basic water distribution processes, equipment and methods to prepare operators at work and to address the more common questions encountered on a water distribution operator certification examination.
  • Chapter 1 The Distribution System
  • Chapter 1 Quiz
  • Chapter 2 Valves in The Distribution System
  • Chapter 2 Quiz
  • Chapter 3 Instrumentation and Controls
  • Chapter 3 Quiz
  • Chapter 4 Reservoirs and Storage
  • Chapter 4 Quiz
  • Chapter 5 Water Meters
  • Chapter 5 Quiz
  • Chapter 6 Pipes, Types, Uses & Protection
  • Chapter 6 Quiz
  • Chapter 7 Fire Flows & Fire Hydrants
  • Chapter 7 Quiz
  • Chapter 8 Cross Connections
  • Chapter 8 Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year